Discover Health-Focused Food Vendors at Lollapalooza 2023: A Guide to Nutritious Eats in Chicago

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Discover Health-Focused Food Vendors at Lollapalooza 2023: A Guide to Nutritious Eats in Chicago

Hello, festival fans and foodies alike!

Planning your Lollapalooza 2023 culinary adventure?

You’re in the right place! We’re guiding you through some of the healthiest food vendors gracing the festival this year. Not only will these spots satisfy your festival hunger, but they’ll also keep your well-being in check.

The Goddess & Grocer

a gourmet destination boasting an array of fresh sandwiches, salads, and grain bowls. This Chicago favorite is known for its commitment to healthful, diverse options, including vegan and gluten-free picks. Whether you’re craving a nutrient-packed meal or just a light snack between sets, The Goddess & Grocer has got your festival food needs covered.

Healthy Substance.

This vendor thrives on offering vegan and nutrient-dense options, bringing a new definition to festival food with offerings like vegetable bowls, smoothies, and plant-based Mexican classics.

Flat Top Grill

Create your own stir-fry dish, combining fresh vegetables, lean proteins, and whole grains for a meal that aligns perfectly with your dietary preferences.


From shawarma to falafel to hummus, their fresh and flavorful menu can be customized with a variety of vegetables and sauces. Opt for their salad bowls for a delicious, lower-carb option.


This gem offers a robust menu of sushi and other Japanese delicacies. Rich in omega-3 fatty acids and low in unhealthy fats, their sushi is an excellent option for health-conscious festival-goers.

Broken English Taco Pub.

Offers tacos filled with a variety of vegetables and lean proteins, they also serve ceviche and guacamole, offering tasty, nutritious choices.

Aguas Laguneras

Known for their Mexican-inspired fruit drinks and aguas frescas, they offer refreshments that are both hydrating and health-conscious. Made from fresh fruits and zero added sugars, these drinks are a festival essential.

Remember, Lollapalooza is all about balance — rocking out to your favorite bands, discovering new music, and nourishing your body with the healthiest eats Chicago has to offer. Stay tuned for more festival health and wellness tips, and enjoy the tastiest side of Lollapalooza 2023!

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