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    SimpleLife Weddings
    February 21, 2024

    Recently stayed here for a chronic condition. I wish I could give better reviews, but the experience was nothing like my previous experience. I was admitted in-patient, but put in observation. While the ER took a while, that really wasn't the issue. That's been happening. There was much miscommunication, no one informed me as far as what was happening, no one looked into my previous treatments, or even contacted my regular doctor. When the Dr. did come in, for the entire 5 minutes of their consultation, was checking his watch every 30 seconds as if in a hurry. In fact no one really knew anything. I was not given any medication to help for 11 hours, and only after I had to get aggravated and complain did I find out, more tests were needed that no one scheduled, while I laid there with my condition getting worse and worse, which resulted in agony and extended stay. The doctor came by once a day, arrogant, and it tools 2+ days for someone to contact my doctor that has been treating for 11 years. Just disappointed, I did have a good stay here previously. The only positive is that the nursing staff was very accommodating and actually advocated for me, thank God for these caring souls.

    Radiate LIfe with Lorilei Brogan
    March 18, 2024

    We've been members for 7 months. We have a family membership and three of us use the wellness center 6 days a week. I use the water classes and pool 5 days a week. We've had an active membership at a health club for the past 4 years and consecutively and consistently work out weekly. We moved to this club because it did offer much enhanced water classes, a therapy pool and a coed whirlpool. We are still pleased with what is offered here. Like most clubs. Occasionally classes are canceled or there might be a closure of a pool or a hot tub, but nothing more than 2 days. And not very often. We utilize classes in the gym and in the water. We are completely wowed by the level of professionalism and personal attention to quality workouts. A small complaint is that I agree with what's been posted is that the lap pool seems cooler than what's posted. It doesn't bother me because I work out in the pool. However one of my family members cannot get in the water. It's just too cold for them. The therapy pool as well never seems to be as hot as what's posted. The whirlpool also varies as to the level of heat. Big complaint about the pool. We were never fully and I feel that this was not good. Business, told about the degree that the pool is used for swimming lessons. Yes, it's true. There is a post that they will put only when you go to access the swimming area. Generally Saturday or Sunday. That says everything except for the Whirlpool is closed. There is no advanced at least when it happened I was shocked. I would normally work out at the club more frequently Friday, Saturday and Sunday. And my old club. This is what I did when I had more time and more access. However, now that I'm here and we've seen how many swimming lessons they offer. It's going to spike again from April through September, October. It is a madhouse. Again, I wish I would have been told this when we signed up for it. Fortunately for me I was able to change up my schedule as I have a flexible work schedule. So now I'm working out Monday through Friday swimming water classes. However, I only use the gym Saturday and Sunday. The gym and exercise equipment is only really busy during peak hours. During the morning on the weekdays. But other times throughout the day in the afternoon until the early evening. Again it is very easy to get access to anything that I need and not have to wait ever. Currently, when there are large classes going on and the end the showers are very busy. And understandably the water is not as hot as normal. It's never cold. However, when it's busy, those will be the times in which you will not be able to take a nice hot shower. Again, it's something that is visible. However, sometimes my husband has challenges if he were to go to the gym before work. He's not able to go to the gym before work because there is not a consistent availability for showers when you need some. The facility is cleaner than our last one. However, by no means is it ever really clean and fans and showers still have residual mold. The ceiling fans in the women's side are increasingly horrible. I have pictures but I won't post them. I will try again to see if I can get someone's attention to clean them. This was the same problem

    Connie S
    January 05, 2024

    Long time member The pool was out of commission for almost 6 months last year. I received one month for free. The locker room is cold and the towels are tiny. I'm a small person. There is no hot water in the showers. After a while the water becomes cold. The facility has changed a lot in the last year. Lap lanes are not the temperature that facility states they will be at. Unfortunately I've started looking elsewhere.

    Huini Wu
    April 15, 2024

    I wouldn't recommend it to anyone looking for a welcoming and supportive environment to pursue their fitness goals. Save yourself the headache and find a gym that actually values its customers. I have never experienced such hostility and unwelcoming vibes as I did at this wellness center.

    Patricia Boland
    February 20, 2024

    There are too many private children lessons in the adult therapy warm water pool.This entails much yelling from instructors and children.Please have them only take lessons in the lap pool.Thank-you Patti Boland

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