HI-VIBE Superfood Juicery

2904 N Ashland Ave, Chicago, IL 60657, USA

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    Kien “Kiki” Lam
    May 18, 2024

    I randomly stopped here because I wanted a good smoothie. I’m not personally crazy into those health smoothie places with a million concoctions of powders mixed in a smoothie for your health. I prefer something more simple. I noticed this place seemed like a perfect in between including some protein powder or collagen but nothing I couldn’t personally easily understand. As I walked in there was a nice atmosphere with music in a bright space. They were very nice and answered lots of questions, I patiently waited and looked at the juiced they have in bottles and Yuca crackers as the woman in from of me asked the man at the front a bunch of questions about the choices. He was very knowledgeable and answered some questions/concerns I had. A drink I was interested in had hemp powder and I have personally baked with hemp powder and drank coffee with hemp milk. Neither tasted very good so I was hesitant. But he explained to me that I wouldn’t taste anything weird from it unless I got something with both in it. Which they don’t offer on their menu unless you add something to an existing drink. I decided to get something different though because I was interested in the collagen. I got a Thai coconut shake which was blended coconut and was an interesting thick texture that tasted like scraping the inside of a coconut after drinking it. It was great. I got the Yuca crackers where were really yummy. And then I got Maui Wowie Smoothie. It was definitely a more liquidy smoothie, I wish it was a tiny bit thicker but I still really enjoyed it. I’m not sure I tasted mango in it but it could have been taken over by the other flavors. I really enjoyed this place, I’m not necessarily focused on doing cleanses or stuff like that but sometimes I want a smoothie or a nice juice and I’ll definitely be coming back here for that.

    alyson marie
    October 18, 2022

    This is such a great fresh juicery with all of the things we hard core juicers look for in a juice bar: glass bottles, all fresh ingredients and pure juice, no substitutes, and this place makes stellar juice recipes that will keep you satisfied in so many ways! My body and mind have been changed since finding this place. Cell Re - purely fresh celery juice, nothing else. Love this so much and it is the only “juice” my kids drink over and over! Location is good. Customer service is awesome. Ingredients are fresh and high quality. Clearly the company does not compromise on quality of any ingredient. Too many juice bars have fillers, dilute out or additives. Not here. This place takes juicing to another level the other juice bars can’t even compare. So happy to have found my home juicery!

    The Conscience One
    March 30, 2024

    Great healthy food here folks. I tried for first time today had a good smoothie. I will definitely return. Yes it's expensive but you get what you pay for folks. Health is priceless and I will definitely be returning. Highly recommended!!!

    Crystal Clear
    February 17, 2024

    ABSOLUTELY AWESOME!!!! Staff are so knowledgeable and the juices are great!! No added sugar! JUST FANTASTIC… I wish they had a membership program! I would sign up. Daniel and Patrick were awesome! Thank you!!!

    June 16, 2023

    By far the best Juicery I’ve been going to for a couple years! I love everything about it. The staff is so friendly and knowledgeable on the products they sell! I recommend it to all my friends and family! Best detox system around… most definitely try the Kinetic Lemonde and the Maui Wowi smoothie!

    HI-VIBE Superfood Juicery

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    2904 N Ashland Ave, Chicago, IL 60657, USA

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