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1010 Lake St, Oak Park, IL 60301, USA

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    Lenny Morton
    May 22, 2024

    This will be a long post: I’ve been coming to this location for a long time, since they’ve opened. I now feel obligated to leave a review since I come here so often. I haven’t had any issues to write about. I’ve been a longtime resident of Oak Park, the people here admittedly are very entitled people, that’s evidenced by the other reviews of people complaining over things they feel entitled to. You’re never going to win that battle. Also a glaring fact, a lot of the staff doesn’t look like me. That adds to why people are quick to say negative things unfortunately. As sad as it is to say, people of color aren’t allowed the same grace by people that look like me. When people say things like “this place isn’t going to last” that’s a very obviously loaded statement. As many times as I’ve been here and I see how busy it gets, I would never think this place wouldn’t last. The people of Oak Park should want businesses to prosper here, but alas that entitlement can’t help but rear it’s head up. I wish it wasn’t that way. I sat in the store this past Saturday, it was extremely busy, I think 50 people came in and out over the span of what felt like 30 minutes. The staff handled it to perfection as far as I can tell. They greeted everyone that came in, funnily enough a lot of people didn’t even acknowledge the staff when greeted yet I saw complaints about that? Curious. Again that’s that Oak Park entitlement we love. But the staff had people flying in and out with no trouble, I just sat in the store and watched while I enjoyed my smoothie. Tons of smiling and satisfied people, myself included. And that’s the thing, most of the time when we’re satisfied, we don’t always leave reviews. We get our stuff, we’re happy about it and then we leave. If everyone one that I saw get a smoothie on Saturday left a review like me this place would have 5 stars across the board. Unfortunately that’s not the case, unfortunately reviews can be a flawed metric because everyone that steps foot in a place doesn’t leave a review. It tends to be the vocal minority that leaves reviews. I want to change that. Don’t let the disgruntled people trick you, I’ve never had an issue and I always love my smoothies. I want you all to know from a longtime resident that this is a great place. 5 stars, highly recommended.

    Marina Chavez
    May 09, 2024

    After reading some of the reviews, it sounds like we are all having the same experience. I love the smoothies here and visit this location 2-3 times a week. I always, always order through the app because I’d much rather avoid the staff. As often as I come in here, I have never once been greeted or acknowledged and every time I say thank you, crickets. It’s absolutely ridiculous. I understand that most of the people who work here are teenagers/young adults and this may be their first job but it’s common courtesy/manners to greet people. Most of the staff doesn’t say a word, has an attitude, and a face on their face like they don’t wanna be there. They really need some training on basic manners/politeness.

    Stacey Bergland
    May 06, 2024

    So, there's no reason this location shouldn't be a hit, but it isn't. I went there with my kid to get them a smoothie. The restaurant is practically empty, but for a couple waiting for their smoothies. There are three young women behind the counter, not one greets us, acknowledges us, or asks to take our order. We wait around for several minutes hoping one of the women would acknowledge us and take our order. In fact, one young women with a smoothie in her hand, is at the register, looking up stuff and never even makes eye contact with us. Like several places in Oak Park, this restaurant is going to meet its end because of the pathetic staff that will take it under. There's no reason this place shouldn't be packed on a bright sunny, afternoon in Oak Park, that is unless, you have an attitude, zero interest in doing your job, and you really just don't care. We left, went next door to the cafe and were promptly served. Screw this place.

    Travis Merle
    May 11, 2024

    This establishment isn’t going to last. Here’s an example why: I ordered two açaí bowls online. It says , “Get it while it’s cold. 18-23 minutes.” So I show up there promptly 20 minutes later, stand by the pick up area for 3 minutes until someone asks me what I’m waiting on. I politely respond with my order and name. The individual looks at what is presumably an order sheet and tells me that they’re out of açaí but they can do pitaya. We have a moment of awkward silence as I look around the place and take note of the lack of staff and another patron who looked annoying. I considered leveling with this SK staff member, who clearly gave no *****, that I had a small window of time to retrieve these treats because I had to move on to my next engagement and that’s why I ordered ahead. And with one on staff, two bowls needing to be made and a patron already waiting… another 15-20 wasn’t going to work. But like I said, they clearly were indifferent to any plight of mine. Frustrated, I asked for a refund and left. I work in software and I’ve consulted with many quick-service/food businesses. And this is just an ‘F’ across the board: the tech’ apparently isn’t syncing properly (inventory to POS), general supply/inventory issues (acai), and lackadaisical customer service. Especially for something that costs $12/per. No. Just no. When it’s on point and in time, SK delivers a delicious treat that justifies the $$$. But this is bush. They’re not going to make it.

    Baby daii
    May 20, 2024

    There are roaches invested there i seen one in the bathroom and also in the front there dirty and only one worker knows what there doing, everybody else need to get fired and there manager isnt there also they give moldy fruit , i wouldn’t recommend going there and there are new people who dont know how to make smoothies the right way. Gave me a smoothie that wasn’t blended and they are rude. Terrible smoothie king!

    Smoothie King

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