Healthy Holidays: 5 Ways Chicagoans Keep Their Fitness Goals in Tact

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Healthy Holidays: 5 Ways Chicagoans Keep Their Fitness Goals in Tact

Discover the secret tricks Chicagoans employ to stay fit during the holidays – you won’t believe #3!

5 Ways Chicagoans Stay Healthy During the Holidays”

Introduction: Balancing Festivities and Fitness in the Windy City

The holiday season in Chicago brings with it a festive atmosphere and the challenge of staying healthy. From scenic winter runs to cozy health-focused cafes, Chicago offers numerous ways to maintain wellness without missing out on holiday fun.

1. Join a Winter Run: Festive Fitness Outdoors

  • Santa Hustle Chicago 5K & Kids Dash: This fun run transforms Chicago into a festive wonderland. Participants dress up in Santa hats and beards, adding cheer to their fitness routine. More details can be found here.
  • Jingle Bell Run – Chicago: An annual event that supports a good cause. Runners can jingle all the way in their holiday-themed costumes. Location and registration details are available here.
  • New Year’s Eve 5K & F3 Lake Half Marathon: These runs offer a chance to close or start the year on a healthy note. Details for the New Year’s Eve 5K can be found here, and the F3 Lake Half Marathon here.

2. Healthy Eating Spots: Nourishing Body and Soul

  • Beatrix (River North, Streeterville, Fulton Market): Known for its wholesome menu, Beatrix is a go-to spot for health-conscious diners. Their locations can be explored here.
  • LYFE Kitchen (Streeterville, Gold Coast): Offering a modern twist on comfort food, LYFE Kitchen caters to various dietary needs without compromising on taste. Check their menu here.

3. Health-Boosting Beverages: Sip Your Way to Wellness

  • Aglaia Coffee (Online): Specializing in mushroom coffee, Aglaia brings a unique health twist to your regular brew. Find out more about their offerings here.
  • Swada Matcha Coffee: For matcha lovers, Swada offers a range of matcha-infused drinks, a perfect blend of health and flavor. Their location and menu can be explored here.

4. Unique Fitness Classes: Fun and Engaging Workouts

  • Studio Fit Chicago (Lincoln Park): This boutique fitness studio offers diverse classes, from barre to cardio dance. Discover their classes here.
  • SALT Fitness Chicago (Bucktown, Lakeview): Known for its dynamic classes, SALT offers an invigorating workout experience. Learn more about their programs here.

5. Indulge Responsibly: Healthier Sweet Treats

  • Chiqueolatte Chicago & Katherine Anne Confections (Logan Square): These chocolatiers offer healthier chocolate treats, perfect for satisfying your sweet tooth. Check out Chiqueolatte here and Katherine Anne Confections here.
  • Cocoa + Co. (Old Town): Known for their pumpkin drinking chocolate, Cocoa + Co. provides a delightful, health-conscious holiday experience. Visit them at 1651 N Wells St, Chicago, IL 60614, or online here.

Conclusion: Celebrating a Healthy Holiday Season in Chicago

Chicago’s holiday season offers a plethora of ways to stay fit, nourished, and joyful. Whether it’s participating in a themed run, enjoying a healthy meal, sipping on a health-boosting beverage, engaging in a fun fitness class, or indulging in a guilt-free treat, the city provides numerous options to balance holiday festivities with health and wellness.




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