Kristi Battalini

I am a Nutrition Therapy and Breathwork Practitioner and a Rapid Transformation Therapist.

I help women in their mid-life (40-+) release 30 lbs in 90 days, overcome anxiety and pain in their body, and learn to control their thoughts to affect their health positively so they feel like their younger selves again. If you struggle with emotional eating, feel stuck in negative thought patterns, and crave a life free from the constant stress and fatigue cycle, I’m here to guide you. Let’s break through those mental barriers and discover a new sense of adventure and passion for life. Together, we’ll unleash your potential and create lasting transformation.

I will help you rummage through the endless sea of information and find what works for you. I design my coaching to be informative and fun, so it doesn’t seem like a chore but an exciting adventure to an improved destination. I also work with a very important aspect of nutrition: the MIND.

In my one-on-one coaching and my courses, we will dig deep into the whys of emotional eating to create new stories and energies and shift our physical bodies.

Introducing 9D Breathwork

9D Breathwork sessions are in-person, one-on-one, and group-guided breathwork journeys with headphones (provided) that provide powerful and quick transformational experiences that leave people wanting more. The process releases stuck emotions and makes a positive lasting impact.

  • Below are the aspects of 9D Breathwork

  • Binaural Brain Entrainment

  • Isochronic Brainwave Tones

  • Solfeggio Frequencies

  • 432Hz Harmonic Tuning

  • Somatic Breathwork

  • Subliminal Hypnotic Therapy

  • Guided Vocal Coaching

  • Bioacoustic Sound Effects

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